This is how it started more than half a century ago. The Carinthian family-run company VELOX was founded in 1956 by the brothers Franz and Peter Steiner. The starting point of the company foundation was deliberations as to how wood-chips from the sawmill that existed at that time could be processed economically. Hence, building and insulation boards made of cement bonded wood-chip have been manufactured since then in a compression moulding process that they developed.

The company's name derives from the Latin word "velox" which means "fast". Thus, a significant advantage of VELOX way of construction - the rapid and automatic processing – is entered in the company’s name.

- The final phase of the investment was managed successfully. The transition to full operation takes place in time before the kick off into construction season. 
- VELOX is awarded with the Carinthian blazon.

In September the biggest investment in the VELOX company history has begun. The company's expansion includes the implementation of a modern wood-drying plant as well as the construction of a production hall, which replaces an old one.

- CEO Dfkm. Krampl retires
- Günther Leopold additionally takes on the responsibility of the subsidiary in Hranice / Czech Republic.

Engagement of another CEO:
Günther Leopold assumes responsibility over the Maria Rojach site.

- Conclusion of the contract for a third and a fourth licence plant in St. Petersburg, Russia and Belgorod
- Grand anniversary celebration: 50 years of VELOX
- Completion of noise protection walls – lage projects in Böheimkirchen, Lower Austria and Gmünd, Carinthia

Supply of the second licence plant in St. Petersburg, Russia

Supply of the first licence plant in St. Petersburg, Russia

VELOX is awarded with the Austrian Solar Prize.

Takeover of another plant in the Czech Republic (Oslavany).

Takeover of a board plant in the Czech Republic (Hranice).

Establishment of the first VELOX noise protection wall on the motorway exit Graz-East, Styria

- The nephew of the Steiner brothers, Dkfm. Reinhold Krampl, takes over the management.
- Acquisition of shares in the company by Otwin and Reinhold Krampl.

Development of VELOX facility for automatic production of VELOX boards.

Invention and patenting of VELOX face concrete system.

Franz Steiner, CEO, and Peter Steiner, operating manager and developer of VELOX facility, founded the business.