the building material

Since more than 55 years the family-owned enterprise from Carinthia produces building and insulation boards from mineralized wood chips.

The base product is always a mineralized VELOX board (size: 200x50 cm) made of wood-chips.

On the whole, VELOX has 4 different business fields:

1. residential/civil construction
The VELOX shuttering system is used for construction of multi-storey residential and commercial buildings and also for construction of family homes.

2. prefabricated casings

3. noise/ visibility protection

4. sale/ construction of licence plants
The patented VELOX production technology is sold worldwide on a licence basis.

The VELOX construction and insulation boards take advantage of the positive effects of the natural material wood-concrete. Wood-concrete is used in numerous projects and it convinces in architecture as well as in technically aspects. You can benefit as well from the added value of the building material wood-concrete!

If wood is combined with concrete,
one of the best building materials is created.

Green Building
The massive material is made of natural raw materials, it is based on up-to-date ecological knowledge and therefore our natural building material is characterized by an excellent life-cycle assessment.

An environmentally- and climate-friendly production process is significant for the modern production technology. 90% of the building material is natural wood, which is sustainable and regrowable. It is mixed with cement and water. The cement-bonded board made of wood chips helps to protect the environment and the climate.

Accordingly, the ecological balance is maintained through products made of wood-concrete and they support a healthy environment as a basis for healthy life and living.

Patented technology
With a minimum of energy consumption, the wood chips are crushed in hammer mills to the appropriate size and afterwards mixed with minerals, cement and water and finally formed into wood-chip boards.

VELOX combines tradition and innovation
The patented VELOX production technology has become the most advanced method for producing cement-bonded chip boards and is sold worldwide on a licence basis. When high standards of noise and heat insulation, (earthquake) security and economic construction are requested, VELOX offers the right technology for the production of modern building systems. The special production technology, decades of know-how as well as ongoing research and permanent development make VELOX products unique.